Phone: 01772 958873

Gill Kelly FCCA

Financial Controller

What I can do to help you:

I can help you with any general queries you may have relating to accounts, business tax and personal tax. I can also help you with bookkeeping, VAT and some software problems that you may encounter whether you are using Sage, Kashflow or any other similar programs.

What I do @ SBCA

My main duties involve producing annual company Accounts, Management Accounts and assisting the Client Care Manager’s as necessary.

I also prepare and submit VAT Returns, Corporation Tax Returns and Self-Assessment Tax Returns.

3 fascinating facts about me:

  • I don’t mind admitting I love ‘lame’ American comedy and laugh out loud a lot much to my husband’s annoyance.
  • I think most things Spanish are great from anyone ‘speaking it’ (and if it’s me that would be very badly!) to watching, once again, ‘lame’ American comedies with some Hispanic aspect.
  • I have quite a varied taste in music from what I think is pretty up to date and popular (but probably isn’t!) to more classical stuff (probably due to the fact that I’m getting older!).