Ready for a Challenge?

Here at SBCA we’re always on the lookout for talented people who want to make a difference to our clients’ lives.  Whether you’re a fully qualified accountant, someone just starting out on their accountancy career, or an ambitious administrator who would like to work in a finance environment, we’d love to hear from you…

…but before you take the plunge in starting your journey with us, it’s important to understand the environment we operate in.  Therefore, before applying to join the team, please take time to read the following, as if it’s not right for you, you’re not right for us:

Our Values:

What you can expect from us:

  • A competitive remuneration package
  • Crystal clear guidelines on exactly what is expected of you, including your role, responsibilities, and how we measure your performance.
  • Ongoing training to allow you to do your job to a high standard.
  • Regular information on Practice performance and your personal performance, including praise and recognition where appropriate.
  • The chance to let the Practice know your views and ideas.
  • A chance to improve your skills and knowledge to help you develop your position within the Practice.
  • To be kept abreast of developments in the Practice.
  • Bosses who will have an open and honest relationship with you and will always treat you fairly and with respect, even in times of difficulty.
  • Supervision to make sure you are doing your job properly.
  • Support when you have problems with your job.
  • A healthy and safe working environment.
  • A working environment which is free from harassment.
  • You’ll also benefit from:
    • Free parking
    • Perk Box (Google it – you’ll love it)
    • Casual Friday’s
    • Early Friday finish
    • Flexible working
    • Proper coffee, freshly ground
    • An excellent working environment.

What we expect from our team members

As part of the SBCA team you’d be expected to bring the very best version of yourself to work each day, and play a proactive role in helping us to be the best accounting firm in the country.

  • The client is our No. 1 priority. You must do all in your power to ensure they receive a first class service. You must make it obvious you’ve gone that “extra mile”.  If in doubt, use your initiative!
  • You must be positive – it’s not OK to say negative things about the firm, our clients, or your colleagues. Nor is it OK to adopt a negative attitude. We will not tolerate, at all, anything or anyone that contributes negative word of mouth.
  • You must treat all our clients, prospects, introducers and visitors with respect, and be polite and courteous at all times – they pay your wages – you must seek to understand them and to see things from their point of view.
  • You must treat your fellow workers with the same respect you expect to receive from them.
  • You must uphold our values, and have the courage to challenge any unacceptable behaviours which contradict these rules.
  • You must accept responsibility for your own actions – think before you act.
  • You must recognise that we are a team, and within a small organisation there is no such thing as “it’s not my job”, and you must be prepared to “muck in”.
  • You must take pride in your work, and do it as it is intended to be done, following laid down procedures – no short cuts, bodge jobs, or workarounds.
  • You must constantly strive to improve those procedures, the business, yourself and your performance – we can all find better, more efficient ways of working, and you’ve got a responsibility to speak up and share those thoughts.
  • You must do everything possible to promote our business for the benefit of all.
  • You must keep up to date with the needs of your job by identifying, and attending training programmes, for the benefit of yourself and the clients you serve.
  • You must present yourself, and your work, to a high standard, and keep your working environment neat and tidy at all times.
  • You must deal promptly and efficiently with telephone calls, client requests and administrative tasks. This means returning a client telephone call within 3 working hours, and replying to emails within 24 hours, and letters within 3 days (unless marked urgent)
  • You must manage your workload and keep the practice manager informed of any upcoming quiet periods.
  • You must work a fair and full day – personal stuff needs to be kept to a minimum.

After digesting the above, if you’d still like to join a dynamic, focused team who are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our clients receive a first class service, then please drop us an email to: