Customer Success Story

From a standing start to a successful sale

360 Solutions is a well-established telecoms business, providing phone systems, corporate mobiles, internet connection, managed IT systems and Microsoft software, predominantly for law firms.

When the company was formed in 2003, SBCA was a natural choice for the accounting – Oliver Marsden had known Chris from school. “Chris was someone I trusted,” he said.

Chris helped steer them through the first few years with wide-ranging support from choosing the right accounting software package to putting financial processes in place and managing cash flow.

Ollie commented he also regarded Chris very much as a trusted advisor to his business. “I used Chris as a sounding board. He’s good at challenging what you do and he’s not afraid to say if something is a terrible idea.”

SBCA provided accounting services throughout the successful development of the company, and enabled them to achieve savings through effective planning and on issues such as when/how to take dividends. Ollie said, “Over the years, we used Chris for personal tax planning and tax returns as well as everything to do with the business.”

Ollie also has a penchant for cars and added, “I’d ring Chris to find out the best way to buy a certain car…most of it was wishful thinking!”

The business grew year on year. An opportunity to sell it arose in 2017, and SBCA were on hand to provide assistance as Ollie then exited in 2018 as owner. While he used a corporate finance specialist for the sale, Chris supported the process.

Ollie said, “He made it easy for the corporate finance specialist and any potential buyer to understand the business finances.”

Today, Ollie still works for the new owners as Sales Director. He valued Chris’s services throughout his time of running 360 Solutions. “He helped us grow the business in the best way possible.”