we pride ourselves on being much more than an accountancy service.

How to grow a team of superstars

By 16th October 2019Team
How to grow a team of superstars

At SBCA, we pride ourselves on being much more than an accountancy service. It’s our mission to support your personal and professional success. To help you grow, develop and thrive – whatever your goals and ambitions.

Often this means helping our clients when problems arise, not just with finances but across all areas of their business. It’s invaluable to have a trusted adviser at the end of the phone. If we can’t solve your problem directly, our years of experience puts us in great shape to signpost you to the right person.

“I’ve got a problem with my team. Can you help?”

This is a common question that our clients ask and rightly so. The strength of your team can make or break your business. From effective leadership to recruitment and payroll we’ll do everything in our power to support you in this area. It’s worth taking some time to look closely at how effective your team is working now, so that you can get ahead of any problems before they grow into a bigger issue. Some important areas to consider are:


Teams need structure and clarity to perform at their best. Make sure that each team member is clear about their role and responsibilities and the goals you’re working towards individually and as a company. Understand that people are motivated by different things; for some it’s money, for others it’s praise and recognition. Take time to get to know what makes them tick.


Are you playing to your strengths? Is there a skills gap in your company that’s holding you back? There’s a tendency to focus on the skills that we know and understand, rather than the skills that will help us grow. Think this through when you’re looking to hire. The right people in the right roles can make a big difference to your profits.


Review your systems and processes regularly to make sure that you’re not duplicating work, or worse still missing some things altogether. Look at ways to automate your systems where possible, so that you and your team can focus on growing your business and offering unrivalled service.


If your team is happy, they’ll be more productive. If a team member performs well, reward them to recognise their efforts. This doesn’t have to be costly, it could be a personal note of thanks or recognition on your social media page. Allow some downtime for team bonding and to build rapport. This could be a picnic lunch, a bowling night – there are lots of easy and affordable ways to bring people together and boost morale.

Ask your accountant for advice

We know that running a business isn’t always easy. Whatever challenges you or your team are facing, know that we’re just a phone call away. There aren’t many business problems that we haven’t helped to resolve either directly or indirectly. It will be our pleasure to help.

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